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Donn says:
“EPA regulations have made it virtually impossible to build new coal-fired power plants, even though they are substantially, i.e., 40% more efficient than those built in the past, and have emissions that are nearly as low as those from natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) power plants.”
“Building the Keystone pipeline has been delayed, possibly prevented, because it transports oil produced from Canadian tar sands, which emit CO2 during the production of oil.”
“There have been seven international conferences on climate change, held by the Heartland Institute, where dozens of scientists have presented papers demonstrating that CO2 is not a threat. Many of these papers have been published in Climate Change Reconsidered.”
“If CO2 is not a threat, there is no reason to distort energy policies and hurt Americans.”
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My reply is:
You are talking about consensus on CO2 Not A Real Threat. This consensus never has happened.
Why coal industry stopped growing despite the modifications and becoming cleaner than ever if CO2 was not an issue?
That CO2 is a green house gas, there is no doubt, it has been proven of decades.
I don’t know who is/are blocking carbon emission. You are talking about issues that do not comply with reality. Renewable sources are still young, and obviously they cannot be good alternatives for fossil fuels. Stone age never ended because there were no more stones on the planet. Ditto, we will pass the fossil fuel age before the resources come to the end. It is not because of carbon emission only, political national regional peak oil can be other, maybe, the major reasons.

Power For USA

As the year ends and we look forward to 2013, it’s time to assess the extent to which fear of CO2 induced global warming is affecting energy policy. It’s probably also worthwhile looking at the latest thoughts concerning CO2 emissions.

Generation of electricity

Every method for evaluating the cost of electricity, have established that electricity from wind and solar is more expensive than electricity generated from coal, natural gas, hydro, nuclear or geothermal power plants. The cost of electricity from wind and solar is substantially higher than from these other methods.

The only reason for adopting wind and solar is to cut CO2 emissions. They have no other benefits, except possibly not emitting NOx, SOx, etc., but, in fact, have some negative environmental consequences, such as killing bats and birds, and noise pollution.

They also result in additional “other” costs, primarily the cost of building transmission lines whose only purpose…

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