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Simple Facts:
You can argue till eternity, but here you do not earn anything.
You think the thread is about “Why We Need Debate, Not Consensus, on Gravity“?
You believe Global Warming is real, even though the current value is negligible.Here nobody believes in Global Warming, unlike, everybody thinks about Global Cooling.
Just return to the topic; Debate or Consensus on Global Warming.
Fred Krupp said something in two items; in return, Joe Bast submitted a proposal in five items.
It is useless to focus on scientific persuasive controversies.
Say how we can start the Debate. Everybody should keep the documents ready when the Debate takes place.

Watts Up With That?

NOTE: This op-ed was rejected by the New York Times. It was submitted as a response by The president of The Heartland Institute in reply to Fred Krupp’s Wall Street Journal essay. I reproduce it here in hopes of it reaching a wide audience. Feel free to reproduce it elsewhere. – Anthony

by Joe Bast

Dear Fred,

I read your August 7 opinion piece in TheWall Street Journal,“A New Climate-Change Consensus,” with great interest. As you know, The Heartland Institute is a leading voice in the international debate over climate change. The Economist recently called us “the world’s most prominent think-tank promoting skepticism about man-made climate change.”

First, I welcome you to the effort to bring skeptics and alarmists together. We need your help. We have been trying to do this for many years.

For example, we ran more than $1 million in ads calling on Al…

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